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Abhishek Prem

Fellow astronaut exploring multiple disciplines and ideas to get the best experience from the short stay on mothership called Earth.

Aditi Bhatt

Designer | Researcher | Architect | Photographer | Yogi . A keen learner with a curious mind who loves to explore.

Aman Chandra

A time-travelling bunny rabbit once said,
"I can do anything I want, and so can you".

Ashish Mathai

It is said, we comprise mostly of Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen.. But for me, I guess, it's Films, Art and Philosophy.

Bhagyesh Panchal

Your one stop problem solver, Cheers!

Gurgenius Singh Kapoor

If a consciousness can't create, it ain't human !

Madhu Mohan C

A photo-researcher in pursuit of exploring and visualizing diversities through design. Hi, I am Madhu, an engineer designer from Kerala.

Niharika Yadav

A mix of sports, research, adventure with a dash of inquisitivity and a handful of organizing ability.

Prashant Patil

Hi, I'm a designer highly passionate and motivated for art. Nature and everyday life are the main inspirations for my work.

Sreeja Chowdhury

Curious being, with innate enthusiasm, who attempts to create a meaningful impact through research driven design, one design at a time.

Achyut Shanbhag

Striving to use my senses to create sensible designs.

Afrin Iqbal

An ailurophile with a different outlook on life, who has a knack for organization and an interest in learning new mediums.

Amey Rajesh Kundley

Over-thinker, Creative, Loves beaches, Football, Animals, People...basically everything. Should I be writing something more??

Ayush Prajapati

I believe in creating for meaningful reasons; hence my design journey has taken me everywhere from NGO to schools.

Debashree Kachari

Hi ! I'm a visual lyricist who finds inspiration in the crimson glow of sunset at the margin of starry silence.

Honey S. Nair

If it were up to my Dad, I would have been in real estate. But here I am, quite a 'REAL'ity check.

Manesa Krichena Mao

To be rich in Experiential Wealth - in my Life, through my Work!

Pranav Venkatesh

I'm a traveler of both time and space
To be where I have been.

Rashmi Kumari

I am a nature and art enthusiast who loves designing, learning and exploring something new in the world.

Tejasvi Arya

Looking at usual things with unusual eyes

Adithya Ganesan

Introvert by birth. Artist by passion. Architect by choice. Learner to be continued. Designer by "all the above".

Akarsha Naik

"Work well and the rest will follow" is my philosophy in design, and in pretty much everything else :)

Ankush Patre

Can think creatively. 2 parts engineer, 2 parts artist, 3 parts geek, 4 parts dog parent and 5 parts empathetic fool. Too many parts?

Balu Mohan S

I'm here to disturb peace, Yes I'm an Artist.

Foram Chotalia

Resolved to align curiosity with purposefulness and a dash of lime.

Hyndavi Madabattula

A passionate illustrator traversing amidst technological landscapes of creativity.

Nayanmani Brahma

On a Design venture. Growing and Glowing on the way!

Pranjal Jain

I dance, I dribble, I design, I drool.

Santosh Sivan

Chennai, Engineer, Designer, Paleontologist by heart. Love sci-fi and monsters

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